For each border explored, a stage performance will be realized.

This performance will be made of several elements juxtaposed and confronted on stage:

– audio and visual documentary elements: interviews, field recordings, still and moving images gathered on the borders, text animations displaying facts and numbers about the fence.

– live performers

– physical elements of the fence brought on stage and manipulated by the performers: fence posts, razor wire coils.

Dramaturgic and scenographic elements:

– A large video screen serves as backdrop and displays at time text animations of raw data concerning the fence (dates of construction, numbers concerning the bulk of material used, the costs, the workforces that built it, political discourses, statistics regarding the socio-cultural, humanitarian, economical and ecological impacts of the fence), and at times images.

– An abstract soundscape composed of field recordings

– A choice of audio interviews realized on the borders, in original language, subtitled in english on a smaller video screen placed on stage

– A physical scenography made of fence elements endlessly unfolded and re-organized by the performers.

Our desire there is to displace and display the materiality of the fence in the heart of european cities, to use it as a theatrical element in order to convey its reality to a public that is not necessarily confronted to it.

see archive: Fencing manifesto