Fencing project

Fencing is an international documentary, radio and performance project concerned with the border-fences that are being erected for some years in Europe. It starts from an extensive research and a patient exploration of each border towards the making of works thematizing fences constructions as tangible and visible borders in a theoretically borderless Europe.

Several iterations of the project will happen on specific borders: Croatia-Hungary, Hungary-Serbia, Bulgaria-Turkey, Macedonia-Greece, Croatia-Slovenia, Bulgaria-Greece. For each iteration, three phases are planned:

Phase one: background research about the border and the fence there.
Phase two: field research on the border linked to traveling live internet radio engaging the local communities (made in the local languages).
Phase three: Post-production phase towards the realization of both a stage performance using the documentary material gathered during the field research, put in relation on stage to performative work, as well as a radio documentary feature in English language.

Each iteration of Fencing will result in an audiovisual archive, live radio streaming, a radio feature and a stage performance.

The project is initiated by choreographer and performer Nikolina Komljenović (Croatia) and multimedia artist Bruno Pocheron (France/Germany) and joined by radio expert, musician and performer Johanna Olausson (Sweden/Germany) and photographer, graphic and web designer Tomislav Turković (Croatia).